The city of trees. They are great in the summer but they are scary in the winter and FALL.

I have lived in the city of trees my entire life. I was always reminded of the dense canopy we have when flying into SMF. The organic shapes contrast perfectly against the angular lines of modern homes. Some of my favorite trees were planted when the mid century homes were built in the 1950 to 1970s.

Imagine a summer without trees in Sacramento! It would be like a desert. I had a client relocate from LA and he was always under the impression that Sacramento was a blighted cow town lacking anything cool. After meeting them in midtown and checking out a few properties between South Land Park, Sierra Oaks and Carmichael, his preconceived notions were obliterated. He couldn’t believe how lush and leafy the neighborhoods were. How large the trees raised up from the rooftops.

Fast forward to some of his favorite trees dropping limbs on his MCM in Sierra Oaks. Eucalyptus trees are known for being brittle and dangerous, but they sure are cool looking!

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